The Coffee Scrub Your Skin Is Craving

Coffee Scrub

But first…Coffee!

Most people drink coffee to wake themselves up on the inside, but what about waking your self up on the outside?

Well I found this unique coffee scrub from Beverly to 5th that claims to do just that for your skin.

Coffee Scrub Beauty

The website says that rubbing this coffee scrub on your body improves and tightens skin with antioxidants and moisturizers. It also says, “You can say bye bye to cellulite, aging, stretch marks, and dry skin.” Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

So did it work?

Heck yeah! Not only did it leave my skin feeling silky smooth but it smells delicious. I tried the Vanilla one and I’m obsessed.

I have heard of the coffee scrub craze but I never really thought it would work. After trying it for only a week it is now a permanent part of my skin care routine. I am hooked!

As much as I love drinking coffee…I think my skin LOVES it just as much! One more reason to keep more coffee around. 🙂



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