Living With My Erin Condren Life Planner

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I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing I love more than day planners and to do lists (even though they are never-ending). Somehow they help keep my insanely busy, always on the go life…sane! So I’m sharing with you just how I do that with Erin Condren’s cute new planner.

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First, the super cute dry erase board clip in is just amazing.  I can keep my to-do lists top of mind and check them off as I go. I love writing something down with the intent to get it done.  It’s like setting a goal and then working to achieve the goal.  Once it’s achieved you just feel so accomplished!  Am I right?!  I love the fun bright pens that go along with it too – just wipe away and POOF onto the next task at hand.


I have so much going on with work, running my YouTube channel, attending LA networking and Influencer events, and of course, taking time for myself, so I have to stay organized and on-top-of things if I want to get anything done (my ADD doesn’t help either).  I have to prioritize my daily tasks so I love to mix up the pen’s color to help me stay aligned with what needs to get done!  I often feel overwhelmed but Erin Condren is always there to the rescue to make me feel like I can manage!


Erin Condren always has a positive message which is why I just love her planner.  How could you not want to get started on work when you open up to “Create. Motivate. Inspire.”  Her stuff is just so inspiring and uplifting, making any work day fun!

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How do you stay organized? Are you obsessed with To Do lists?



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