Kylie Jenner Butt Lifter Spanx Review

Most women can’t — or won’t — pony up $10,000 for surgery to get a butt like Kylie Jenner. Plus, Ouch!

Ok, I take that back. Kylie Jenner, supposedly has actually “never gone under the knife.”

Whatever…that’s her personal life. Back to all you bun worshippers…I have good news; you can perk your butt up naturally with….The Butt Lifter Spanx!

kylie jenner butt lifter spanx

Kylie Jenner promotes these spanx, that have two holes in the butt, on her instagram and she credits them for her infamous bubble butt! So, I felt completed to try this interesting butt-bra looking thing to see if it was a FIX or a FIB!  Watch the video above to see my shocking results & check out these before and after pics. Crazy right?!

Kylie Jenner Butt Spanx- leggings

skirt pop leg






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