‘Eddie The Eagle’ Movie Review


“Eddie the Eagle” is a movie about the biggest loser of the 1988 Winter Olympics. Seriously, it’s about the guy who got a standing ovation for coming in dead last.

This movie proves: it’s not about the medal around your neck, it’s about the story in your heart.

Who was this “Eddie the Eagle”? First and foremost, he was a dreamer.

This is a movie that will inspire you to ignore what others think, push past obstacles, and do whatever it takes to live out your dream.

We live in a world where failure is looked down upon, where others’ opinions matter more than your own. We live in a world full of fear and doubt. That’s why I am so glad I saw this movie, because it reminded me to ignore what everyone else thinks, and do what I believe will help me live out my dream … just like Eddie.


This movie chronicles the story of a guy with absolutely no training, no gear, and no family support, who does the most daring thing anyone has ever done in sports. Imagine doing something you have never done before on the world’s largest stage. That is “Eddie the Eagle”. His life dream was to fly off the tallest Ski Jump in the world at the Olympics, having never done it before.

People thought he was crazy — and as I sat there in seat 26L, I thought he was, too.

Eddie wasn’t the best, but as long as he did his personal best, he felt that was a victory in itself.


He failed. And tried again.

He fell. And always picked himself back up.

He never gave up, and that is what the crowd loved about him.

During the 1988 Winter Olympics there were many events that got lots of media coverage, but none quite like Eddie. As we all sat watching him take that elevator up to the 260-foot jump, to fly for his very first time, our hearts were pounding. All we could think was: “please land this jump!” I actually had to turn my head as he took off.

There is something really inspiring watching someone live out their dreams and watching it unfold right before your eyes. That is what made this movie so refreshing to watch.


Eddie’s passion for life really reminded me of my dad, who funny enough, had the honor of meeting Eddie and partying with him at that same Olympics. My dad used to always say to me, “Jess, never lose sight of your childhood dreams!” Even though Dad is no longer here to say those words to me, I hear them in the back of my head every day! “Eddie The Eagle” is proof that if you dream and believe, you will achieve!



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