Ohhh.. You Just Made Me Blushington!

Yes, it happened to me last week in the most unexpected way. It all started with a simple invite from my “oh so fabulous girlfriend” …. Monica Richards. She took me to Blushington. You are probably thinking “Ok, and…?”

Blushington in West Hollywood

Ahhhhh.. (insert music from heaven here 🙂 )

Little did I know in West Hollywood there existed a salon of beauty (it deserves to be called more than a beauty salon) called Blushington. As soon as I stepped in I knew I was walking into a little pink paradise. Seriously… It is every beauty babes paradise!

Blushington makes us girls “blushington” happy! Yes, I just made that a new adverb. Totally… my gift to you!


There are many reasons why we are blessed to be a girl. Ok stop counting, because we all know the #1 reason is MAKEUP! We get to play dress up with our faces and Blushington takes that to a whole new level of FUN!

Blushington is a posh beauty lounge where you get to sit back and relax with your friends, mom, sisters, or just taking some along time… and get glamified! They have one goal in mind and that is to individualize their products and services to make every girl feel & look pretty…because we all know feeling pretty is priceless!

So how pricey is priceless? They accommodate just about every service I could think of. You can get everything from your makeup done, to lash extensions, to brow shaping all for a crazy, reasonable price. (Check it all of their services.)

(Super fun tip: This makes a perfect gift for your girls next B-day bash … or sometimes you just need to treat yo’ self!)


Blushington bubbly

When I first walked in, I honestly felt like I had just stepped into a pink life-size Barbie Dollhouse. Monica and I were greeted not only by the bubbly hostesses but with a glass of bubbly as well (how did they know?!)

We were then handed their new look book for fall and I was completely blown away. No joke! Flipping through the pages I was like, “Oh this is my favorite look!” “Oh I love how the they did the eyes.” “That lip color is on fleek!” “This would be perfect for a girls night out!” OK, you get the picture! Basically it is the ultimate beauty babe’s bible.

They had it all. Seriously, for whatever event or mood you have, they have it – looks for weddings, red carpets, your every day glow, girls night out… but the one thing that really stood out to me was that all the looks were still “natural”. Nothing was over the top, cake face. GROSS!

So seriously, Blushington is unlike any other makeup salon.  They focus on creating the beauty to come from within. Not only did Monica and I get our makeup done (all while sipping on champagne, of course) but the trained Blushington makeup professionals took the time to answer our questions and teach us their secret beauty tips.

blushington makeupblushington-makeup

For example, I never used a highlighter but the girl who did my makeup (props to her .. Yadira …LOVED her!) introduced me to my new, longtime friend – BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector™ Pressed.  I always used contour, blush, but wow! Who knew highlighting could make such a difference. #Flawless!  I’m hooked now and have used it every day since I bought it. It is healthy skin in a jar and I am obsessed!

So what’s in this mystery makeup magic they dish out? All the products they use on your skin are high quality, healthy, and natural.  Blushington cares! They don’t want the makeup to overtake you – they designed the makeup to bring you self-confidence, create character, express your mood, and enhance the features you love and conceal the ones you don’t. Remember: Beauty comes from within.


Oh yeah! And as a little added bonus, Blushington is right next to Dry Bar so you can get your makeup and hair done with only one parking spot! We all know how annoying parking is in LA. Hello, like totally going there every Friday night!

I went to the West Hollywood location but they have a few more. There are other Blushington stores in Newport, Topanga, Dallas, and New York! Have fun getting your pretty on! And if you see me there, lets toast with the bubbly. Here’s to feeling good and bringing out your inner beauty.





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