The Totally Affordable Diamond You Will LOVE!


You all know I am BIG on jewelry, especially jewelry that is literally big, statement and in-your-face. But I have found my latest obsession for the summer and it the complete polar opposite. Let me introduce the “Shy” collection.

These new pieces are having a major moment in Hollywood right now. Celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Lauren Conrad and Julianne Hough can’t stop wearing this delicate ring and necklace “Love” combo (really, Hough loves her “love”).

Normally Sydney Evan’s pieces run near $700 but the designer launched a way more affordable version. Both the necklace and the ring are $125 and have the same delicate font, chain and band as the original. The only big difference is that instead of featuring tons of bling, this version just has one (real!) diamond.

The classiness, the delicateness, and the message for a price this low, you can’t get much better.

Here is my favorite.

Have a peek at the collection, and let me know yours.



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