O My Jord! Watch This!

The No-Phone Time Teller – A Watch

drink-jord-watch-jessIt’s about time. Yes, this post is about time and that’s where my head has been this week. Last week I just stared at my wrist until I figured out that it couldn’t tell me the time. Yes…I had forgotten to strap on my watch and it would be WAY too rude to pull out my phone- RIGHT? Whether you are in a business meeting or on a date, the last thing you want to do is look bored on your phone. You know those times.

nails-painting-jord-watchWell… lesson learned! This month I got me this hot little number- a watch that’s dressy enough for work and sexy enough for happy hour. To start, its wood. YEP! Strap it on and I feel one with nature and more importantly it feels SUPER NATURAL. I’ve always loved this wooden cuff bracelet I have and when I saw this Jord watch with a wooden band – I knew it WOOD be mine. (Lol… Ok my friend says I should lay off the wood jokes, as there are a couple more I had about my boyfriend but.. YOU ARE SAVED J)


Wait… where was I?! O my Jord! Ok focus JESS… So I got this sexy pink Cora Series watch from Jord from their easy to remember website woodwatches.com. Most importantly its got ALL my basics for a watch. The Swarovski Crystals, some wood and it’s pink. Who wouldn’t love that RIGHT? Seriously! My friends have gone insane since I got it. So I had to get one for my bestie’s birthday, of COURSE! And honestly, I can say watching her open up the sexy packaged wooden box it came in and seeing her eyes light up, made my night.


It is hard to come across a watch that’s fashionable for almost any occasion. I can honestly say… thank you Jord for my watch! J

















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