The Broke Girl’s Guide To Summer’s Best Sunnies

The Broke Girl’s Guide To Summer’s Best Sunnies

Cheap sunnies, that look expensive, are the! If you are like me, then you either loose your glasses, scratch them, or break them.

Like yesterday when I was getting my mail. I set them down by the mailbox, because I was SUPER excited to get my new wine iphone case… and YES … after getting my new iphone case unpacked and on my phone I remembered….
Hey, my SUNNIES! Next thing I know, they are gone.


Oh well. Time to SHOP but hey … this girls’ on a budget.

SO ON THAT NOTE, I found some great sunglasses… and if you can believe it, some cheaper than the prices on the beach in Mexico! And definitely more stylish, but you HAVE to expect that from me. I’m not going to let you down!


So here are some of my FAVORITE sunnies:

mangoThese I found on AND this hot number would look great with almost any color …. and of course highlights my favorite color… PINK! And they look like they would be $100 but REALLY… they are less than $15 !

clear-cheapmondayThese I found on a site called With a name like that they have to be for the girl on a budget… RIGHT? Compared to the ones above, these are without any color… just clear… like the sky is right now and the sun is so bright and ugh.. ok I NEED THESE!



I found these big ole retro sunglasses on one of my favorites to shop- They are called Abbey Road but not sure why. I don’t recall any of the Beatles wearing shades like these on Abbey Road.abbey-road-sunglasses


aeo purple tinted aviatorI then shifted my thoughts to some metal frames but I had to keep to my fav color pink…How cute are these colored lenses from

So who wouldn’t want velvet sunglasses? WHAT? Heck yeah! Velvet round Revo Sunglasses it says on Ok. You have my attention! Blue velvet framed sunglasses with Revo lenses and metal arms?! Soft and fuzzy yet strong and sexy.. HEY … that’s got SUMMER written all OVER IT!

There you go girls, 5 cheap sunnies that are perfect for the summer! Have fun rockin’ your shades. And remember if you are like me, and you forget them at the mailbox, you’re only down a few bucks.

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