Fun Fashion Phone Cases For The Summer!

Super Cute Fashion for my Phone

Summer is here and let’s not forget that accessory we can’t live without… our phones! So I like to fashion it up and wanted to share my super cute phone cases for the summer of 2015! So let’s start this off with the oh so cute…


Stylin’ and dialin’ at the same time. It is a phone case AND purse in one! AMAZING RIGHT?! Especially during the summer when we are going from pool party to happy hour, or chillin’ at the beach all day…we don’t want to have a lot of baggage. You know, SOMETIMES less is more! We like to be hands free! Which is why Pursecase is a “must-have” for every girl. Seriously… I don’t know what I would do without mine. It fits all the essentials: your credit card, some cash, your ID and maybe a stick of gum.

They comes in many vibrant colors (perf for the summer)! And if you want to be “extra” hands free you can also purchase an awesome body strap. Why buy a phone case and a purse when you can just purchase one and call it good! Plus, you can’t beat the price!

Check it out here :


VOLO casevolos-phone-case

Protects, stays clean, and stylish! Everything in one! Our phones never leave our side, right? Which means they gather dirt, sweat, dust, food (don’t lie, we all eat with our phones next to our plates) etc. Well because our phones go everywhere we do, Volo cases with sanitization keep your phone protected from whatever life throws at you!

Lets, be honest, our active lives deserve active protection! (get your minds out of the gutter people).

Some Super Fun Cases

BORED with the typical cases out there? These cases have got you covered!










For all those wine lovers! How cute is this?  …..DRINK up! For some reason this one keeps making me thirsty though.

If your bored this case will keep you entertained! I am waiting on mine…it’s in the mail! I can’t wait! How cute are these free floating dolphins! AHH love it.

Got more great summer phone case ideas? SHARE them with me!



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