The Perfect Father’s Day Gift


Hi loves,

OMG Fathers Day is this weekend!


Can you do me a favor…. Give your dad an extra long hug! Because you still can!


Ok now for the present! Finding the perfect gift for you dad isn’t easy. Even though I don’t have a dad anymore (ok I’m totally tearing up, thanks…JK) but I still love to spoil all the men in my life. A while back I got my boyfriend these amazing shoes by OluKai and instead of me telling you how FABULOUS they are I asked him…


And yes this is word for word what he said…


“I’ve never worn a leather boot before. I’ve always looked, but could never find something I liked that was actually comfortable. My girlfriend ordered me a pair of OluKai boots as a surprise for an early Christmas present, and I have to say: I’m shocked.

It’s a complete leather shoe with a sturdy but flexible build, sturdy rubber sole and comfortable leather insert. I’m completely blown away by the quality and the comfort of the boots. I don’t think I’ve gone a day without wearing them. They are super easy to wear, especially walking around for work as much as I do. The leather is extremely durable, it doesn’t scuff or scratch easily, and even 6 months later they look like I got them in the mail yesterday. I used to skimp on quality to save a few extra bucks, but I’ll never go down that road again. These boots might be a bit more expensive than something you would pick up at Aldo, but they will last 5x longer and look good for that much longer as well.

Even though they were a gift, I can honestly say they were worth every penny, and I’ll be back for another pair when this pair wears out…but that might be a few years from now.

 Thanks for flipping my view on boots, Olu Kai. I’m obsessed!”


Style: Mauna Iki 




Well…there you go! Like I said, they are amazing. So if your dad or your boyfriend don’t have the best style or are scared to try leather boots, I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Can I just brag about OluKai for a second. Their motto is “Everybody, no matter where they are, can live ALOHA! It started as a different approach to a footwear company. They focus on creating footwear that combines durability, style, and comfort to fit your lifestyle and they have succeeded! I love their message and company! Check them out! 

Have a great father’s day!


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