3 Totally Cute Stagecoach Outfits

cowboy boots music festival

Happy Wednesday, lovas!

For those of you attending Stagecoach music festival this weekend, I am super jelly because this I can’t make this year. I have that thing called work:( For those of you that are unfamiliar with Stagecoach it’s three-day annual music festival full of incredible country music [some of my favorites? Miranda Lambert, Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton] in Indio, California.

Since the weekend is one big party, you obviously want to look as cute as a button right? We know lots of pictures are going to be taken, lots of cute cowboys around, and lots of unforgettable memories that you want to be looking extra hot for!

Sooo Dixon Apparel & I have got you covered from head to toe on what to wear to Stagecoach!

First up! Mojave Kimono with Sunset Mesa Top and White Hot Heat Shorts

stagecoach boho chic

Music Festival Kimonowhite cut off shorts Girly girl top

Obviously the classic white ripped shorts paired with cowboy boots are a staple for any country girl! This outfit reminds me of Jessica Simpson in Dukes of Hazard! This top is super girly-girl that shows off just enough booby and stomach. And Kimonos are great because sometimes at night it gets a little chilly and it’s nice to have something to wrap up in. It’s also a built in blanket! Bonus!

Get this outfit here —> Sunset Mesa Top , Mojava Kimono, White Hot Heat Cutoff Shorts 

Next up! Desert Dunes Dress

lace music festival dress

country girl dress

This comfy, chic, lace dress is everything you could imagine and more! It’s the kinda dress you secretly hopes blows in the wind all supermodel-ish when you wear it, you know? And once you try it on you immediately want to spin around in it because it gives you that carefree feeling. Paired it with brown cowboy boots = umm perfection. SOOOO naturally I’m obsessed. Everything about this outfit is comfortable. Trust me the last thing you want to do is be in an outfit at a music festival that is UNcomfortable. Like ewwww!

Get this outfit here——> Desert Dunes Dress 

Last but not least! She’s A Chippewa Top (named after Tim McGraw’s song Indian Outlaw) With the Lil Somethin’ Bralette under and paired with Sweet N Smokey Shorts

 sexy back shirt music festival

music festival outfit

Goosebumps over this outfit! No joke. Anything with a bralette makes me smile from ear to ear because they are WAY better than a bra. And can we just talk about how this top is totally bringing “sexy back”. Anything that shows off your back, I’m always cray cray over! And I paired it with these black shorts with a little lace trim – MEOW! Ok real girl talk, these shorts are perf for a music festival because the waist band is stretchy so no need to worry about love handles, your thong awkwardly showing, or that super tight feeling around your belly when you sit down. Just pure comfiness!

Get this outfit here —–> She’s A Chippewa Top, Lil Somethin’ Bralette, Sweet N Smokey Shorts


**Alright, now for accessories. I know a bunch of you are accessory girls, just like me!

fringe purse music festival


Fringe! How cute is this purse? Fringe is so HUGE right now! One thing to be aware of is that at music festivals you are only allowed to bring in a small purse. No worries though, this purse totally meets all the requirements…I got your back!






aviator sun glasses music festival


Mirrored Aviators! These sunglasses always make me feel like a mixture between a badass and a boho chic babe! But I’m telling you now, bring the cheap version. You will be dancing around and if you’re like me, more times than not, your sunnies will fall and get scratched. But guess what, you won’t care because their cheapies! AMAZE BALLS.





turquoise jewelry music festival



Turquoise Jewelry! The best part about everyone’s all-time fav stone is that is goes with every single color you could imagine. Not only does it fashionably represent the south and country music, but it’s pretty darn cute, too. Rock the turquoise and you are bound to be one of the hottest audience members Luke Bryan has ever laid eyes on.


Ya’ll, I want everything Dixon!

Really though, the struggle is real.

& it will become super real for you too, when you see their collection ( their stuff is soooo good so beware— you’ve been warned ). You can shop the line online here! DIXON APPAREL 

The girls behind the killer brand are Heather Harvey and Kim Goldberg. Just 2 adorable small town girls from Maryland who moved to LA and opened up a store to represent their roots but also a splash of where they are now, Los Angeles. They have an online and traveling store, right now.

Their motto is, “A touch of the South on the Edge of the West.” How cute is that!  So their style is very southern comfort meets urban edge; think rockabilly/ urban cowgirl.  They are much like a band, booking their “One Night Stores” at bars and live music venues across Southern Cali.

They are about to go on our Dixon Apparel 15 tour where they set up shop at Country music festivals across the country this summer.  Their first stop is Shaky Boots Fest in Georgia featuring Blake Shelton and Brad Paisley followed by OakHeart in Thousand Oaks CA with Easton Corbin and Cassidy Pope.  I am so excited for these two and I can’t wait for them to bring their clothes to people across America! Their clothes put a smile on your face!


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