Celebrities Share What Smells Make Them Happy!

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A smell isn’t just a fragrance — it’s a memory, a feeling, right?

Do you remember events based on smells? Can smells turn your furnace into fabulous? Like…

When you get a whiff of chocolate chip cookies, you may think of baking in your Mom’s kitchen.


When a warm breeze blows the smell of fresh flowers, you’re instantly rocketed back to your first dance and the corsage your date brought.


When you smell the smallest hint of lavender, you just want to crawl into a bubble bath with candles lite and a glass of wine in hand.

Isn’t it amazing what a scent can do to your body and mind? I mean, something as simple as a sniff can cause a flood of warm and fuzzies making you feel genuinely happy! It’s awesome right? Unlike touch or taste, which are physical, smelling is all in the mind. And we know how powerful that is. Whether we recognize it or not, our noses are capable of analyzing thousands of smells,  and those smells can instantly change your mood; pretty cool.  Now ask yourself, what smells make you genuinely happy?

Last Sunday when I was hosting on the red carpet on the MTV Movie Awards I asked the celebrities that walked the blue carpet (of course, MTV would should jazz up their carpet) which smells turn their Funk into Fabulous!

You might be surprised with the answers. Check it out!

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