The Ultimate Partner & Couples Workout!

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The Ultimate Partner and Couples Workout

Exercise and happiness go hand in hand. Moving your body, and getting your sweat on will get you out of any funk and feeling fabulous again — for an extra shot of happiness workout with a buddy (human or furry!). It’s always more fun!

Whitney English, health and fitness blogger with to Live & Diet in L.A. joined us today to share 3 fun partner exercises.

(If you haven’t checked out her blog, DO SO! She will motivate you every day to live a healthy confident lifestyle! Her recipes are the bomb!)

Single Leg Ball Toss

Targets – abs
This exercise works on stability and balance:

  • Face each other about 10 feet apart.
  • Stand on one leg.
  • Toss the medicine ball back and forth.
  • To make it more challenging try to throw it to the side. This will force them to use their core and really reach for the medicine ball.
  • 20 reps on each leg.


Partner Sit Up With an Overhead Medicine Pass

Targets – arms and abs
This exercise will give you those sexy abs we all want and love:

  • Sit facing your partner with your feet touching each other on the ground.
  • Do a sit up with the medicine ball over your head. Once you get back up to the starting position with your back straight, pass the ball overhead to your partner.
  • Do 20 sit ups each.


Push-Up High Five

Targets – shoulders, chest, biceps, and triceps
Want to see your +1 grunt through a set of push-ups with you? Use this exercise to work both of you at the same time:

  • Face your partner arms length apart. Get in push-up position, hands directly under your shoulders, legs extended, abs engaged.
  • Do a push-up, bending elbows 90 degrees. Push back up to starting position and give each other a high five, extending arm straight out.
  • To make it more challenging lift the opposite leg & feel the burn.
  • 20 reps on each side.


Now my boyfriend and I experimented with some couple workout exercises that we could use each other as weight. You know that saying no pain, no gain … it’s very true. Whitney was white knuckling it for us. With her personal training background she did not approve of these and doesn’t recommend you trying them at home (unless you’re crazy risk takers like us!) But seriously please be careful.


If you have any fun & unique partner workout exercises up your sleeve please share! Comment below or even better post a short video of you and your workout buddy demonstrating.


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  • This video turned out great!! And I must say I am IMPRESSED! You and Chase totally killed those couples moves! xo

  • Reply March 12, 2015

    Jennifer Carroll

    Love the couples workout. Chase you’re lucky you’re dating a 100 pound waif.
    I could see you both cracking up! hilarious!

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