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*** UPDATE: VIDEO is live. Check it out on the DressJessXO YouTube channel ***

Hey Girls,

Exciting news! There’s a new video coming out that’s going to explain all the details, but it’s not quite ready to hit YouTube yet. I just wanted to get you guys as excited as I am, and get you on board for this exciting new journey. ‘Patient’ isn’t a word I use often to describe myself, so this waiting game is killing me inside — but these things take time to get right and I want to get it as perfect as possible for you girls. I have been meeting with some big important people ironing out all of the details. I am jumping up and down throwing confetti over how excited I am to share it. I know it is really going to inspire you girls and help us get out of those occasional funks transforming life into fabulous!

Stay tuned!



funk to fabulous confetti








  • Reply March 2, 2015

    Amy Stewart

    Jess! You are such a doll! So excited for things to come! xoxo

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