I Love My Erin Condren Life Planner!

Hey Loves,

I have become a planner nerd!

You’re probably thinking: who gets excited over a planner? Well, I do! And for a good reason, because my Erin Condren Planner is honestly my life. It helps me stay sane by keeping my hosting, blogging, health, workout, and personal schedule organized. When this box finally entered my apartment, I squealed. No joke. I was like a little girl opening her new American doll box.

It was all wrapped tight in lime green tissue paper with an “Enjoy” sticker holding it neatly together. I knew right away that a company that cares this much in shipping their product definitely cares about making their customers happy.


Here’s all the goodies I ordered:

A Life Planner: Platinum Edition – Turquoise with a Personalized cover.


2 Notebook Notepads: Platinum Turquoise (to match my planner).

They’re great for fashionable to–do lists.


2 Colorful Marker Cases:

I am a little pen-crazy. I love the colors and — I don’t know about you — but I am picky when it comes to pens. If I find one that writes just how I like, and doesn’t bleed … I never let them go!



Accessory Coil Clips:

I use these to attached pictures. I love to look back and remember the highlights of the week. It’s a great way to always remember how precious life is. Do the things that make you happy and enjoy it with the people you love.


Event Stickers: Personalized

At first, I didn’t see the usefulness in the stickers since I’d never used something like this before. Now, I use like 3 a day. Maybe a little overkill. I even got some personalized–Host, FGF Video, On the Blog, Shoot, Event @.


Forget-Me-Not Calendar & Contacts

A real life-saver. If you are like me, and have the worst memory ever, this will help you remember all your friends/family’s birthday!


Folded Thank you Notes with Quotes

I am a huge advocate of thank you notes. You can’t beat the adorable quotes and ** BONUS they come with return address stickers!


Interchangeable Cover: (pink scales)

You know me. Some days I feel pink, some days I feel turquoise. It’s fun!


Foil Tray: Platinum Edition – Turquoise (once again to match my planner)

I love to host parties and this is a great way to decorate or serve drinks.  You can also get it personalized with a quote. I chose, “Today I am Grateful!”


All in all, I definitely recommend the Erin Condren Life Planner if you’re needing everything organized into one place.



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