Black or White Movie Premiere & The Most Adorable Little Girl Actress

Black or White is a movie that means a lot to Kevin Costner and I got to hear why from the man himself at the Black or White Movie Premiere at LA LIVE.

When he read the script by Mike Binder he believed in the films commercial value but had a tough time getting studio backing because of its contentious story line. So he and wife, Christine Baumgartner, put down $9 million of their own money to make the film. That’s right, not only did it star Kevin Costner but he completely financed the movie and helped produce it.  I loved the film; it was a great family drama, with a great message, and the relationship between Costner and his granddaughter (Jillian Estell) is amazing on screen. This adorable little girl is going to be big!

The movie tells the story of a grieving white widower (Costner) taking solo care of his biracial granddaughter after his wife’s death. The drama takes a racially charged turn after the child’s African-American grandmother (Octavia Spencer) demands she be brought up by her biological father, leading to a brutal custody battle.

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