The Best Tool For Switching Up Your Workouts!


I love my ClassPass! I am officially half way through my first month and I am I love. Just imagine having a membership to hundreds of fitness studios, near you and being able to choose what type of workout you wanted to do that day. Talk about a fun way to switch up your workouts! In just two weeks I’ve been to 6 different fitness studios and loved every single one in a different way. I book my classes for the week so it keeps me on track. I’ve always known that switching up your workouts is good for you, but for the first time I am actually seeing results. Even this morning as I got out of the shower my boyfriend commented on my body … HELLO! The ultimate compliment!

I still have so many studios I want to try, I feel like a kid in a candy store. Pilates Platinum, Pop Physique, Unplug Meditation (for the ultimate relaxation), Sattva Yoga, Jagged Vertical Dance & Fitness … well it looks like I have the rest of my month figured out!

Searching for classes is SO easy and motivating! I literally scroll through all the options (there are hundreds) asking myself: hmmm, what am I in the mood for?!

If you have a horrible memory like I do, ClassPass does an amazing job of sending out reminders! AMAZING!

The only downfall about ClassPass is that you can only go to a studio 3 times a month. So for example,  I fell in love with SpeedX and have already been 3 times this week which means I can’t go anymore the rest of the month 🙁 (serious sad face). On a positive note though, it will encourages me to find a new place to fall in love with.

Its less than $100 dollars a month … check it out. You will get hooked.



Kinetic Cycling

The minute you walk in there is high energy and everyone is very welcoming. My favorite part was that during class the instructor played music videos and it was a great distraction. The bikes were awesome too because you could actually set your resistance by number! That way there is no cheating.

kinetic cycling



Barry’s Bootcamp

The sweatiest workout class so far this month. Either the room was heated or the air was off but boy did I leave SWEATY! I honestly looked like I had just jumped out of a pool but I liked it. Call me crazy but I love to sweat. I was there on a legs & butt day which I guess is one of the hardest days. They divided the class in half; half started on the treadmills and the other half started on the floor. We switched about three times. It was awesome!

Burn 60

Hottest trainer ever! That is always a great motivation to push hard. We did interval sprints on the treadmill together. The hot trainer would tell us the speed and incline and we would follow. It was a butt kicker. We would start with a jog at speed 7 or 8mph for a minute, then sprint for 90 seconds at 9 or 10mph, then jog it back out for about 30 seconds and then FINALLY walk to recover. We would do that 3 times then head to floor. We alternated floor and treadmills twice!

Orange Theory

There is no cheating at this place because they strap on a heart monitor to your chest. Watching the number of calories you burn go up definitely pushes you. I still can’t believe I burned 700 calories. Like what?

Circuit Works

They stole my heart a lot time ago. I absolutely love this style of workout. It’s two minutes of sprints/jogging broken up with weights for a total of 10. The trainers (Raphael in particular) are the most motivating trainers I have ever met.


As I said above I have already gone three times this week so clearly I’m obsessed. This place is all about self motivation because you go at your own pace. I was there on a chipper day and ended up doing 100 wall balls and 100 burpees. Lets just say I was feeling it the next day. My stairs weren’t fun to walk up or down. NO PAIN, NO GAIN!

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