The Best Way To Live A Balanced Life: Chuck it & F*** It

Chuck it bucket

Lets be honest, life is crazy, life is overwhelming & life is VERY hard to balance. To help keep my life somewhat sane I have created an imaginary “Chuck It Bucket”. It’s a fun way to make value based decisions. My dad taught me this strategy and it has helped make my life more clear.

Here’s how “The Chuck It Bucket” works:

  1. First, you create a list of your core values. Now everyone has a different list but mine are the 6 F’s. For You, Family, Friends, Fitness, Finance and Faith.
  2. Now anything that comes at you, every challenge & every opportunity, if it doesn’t fit under one of those 6 F’s it gets “chucked” and F**ked. I know I sound crazy but if you mentally think about it, or even better, write it down on piece of paper and crinkle it up tight and through it in the trash you will feel the weight off your shoulders. It’s amazing!
  3. Then with all the extra time you made in your schedule by saying NO to unimportant stuff, you can focus more on your 6 F’s.

Here’s why I chose my 6 F’s:

1. For You!  AKA “Me Time”. This is crucial. If I don’t have alone time I go F-ing crazy. I need that time to collect my thoughts, plan out my week, and relax. The worst part is if I don’t get my “me time” I become a mega bitch to the people I love the most (sorry mom and boyfriend). You I know I hate that. #LovaYaMeantIt
2. Family. Well duh, they are my everything. You know the saying, “We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.” I think this is 100% true. My mom and brother inspire me everyday and encourage me to be a better person. And I know my dad is looking down on me and I continue to try to make him the proudest daddy by never losing sight of my dreams.
3. Friends. My play time. It is important to love and give love. They bring happiness and laugher into my life.
4. Fitness– When you look good, you feel good, bottom line. I try to break a sweat once a day (sex counts right?). Living a healthy active lifestyle is the ONLY way to live in my books.
5. Finance (Work)- I can be a bit OCD when it comes to work. I am not the most patient person alive so I want it to happen NOW. But I am working on it. This Chuck It Bucket is always a great reminder to focus on what will help you achieve your goal. Work hard & smart!
6. Faith– We all have a path. Giving back and helping others is very important in my life. I also try to go to church as often as I can.

If you apply this “Chuck It Bucket” technique you too will recognize changes in your life. So think about it, what are your core values to help you make value based decisions?



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