Best’s from The Golden Globes 2015


The Golden Globes, overall, were A for Awesome! Nothings beats watching all your favorite stars get recognized for their talents and see your favorite movies win awards … especially when you are surrounded by friends and have your legs up on our boyfriends lap with munchies and wine at arms reach. I kind of felt bad for my boyfriend though because he was the only guy. He now knows which guy all my friends want to have sex with, who we have girl crushes on, and who we think is a beatch. #GossipCenteral

Here are my Bests from the night.


Best Dress: Kate Hudson. The plunging Versace dressed looked liked a million bucks. The curved cutouts make her waist look teeny tiny and I always have a soft spot for white.





 Best Jewelry: Naomi Watts.  Her necklace paired with one my favorite color combos, yellow dress with a red lip, looked gorgeous.

naomi watts golden globes


Best Pants Outfit: Emma Stone. Normally I am not a huge fan of her but last night she rocked it!

Emma Stone Golden Globes






















Best Acceptance Speech: Gina Rodriguez. She made me cry because my dad used to always tell me the same thing. To wake up every morning and say “Today is going to be a great, I can & I will.”


Most Deserved: Eddie Redmayne. His role in The Theory of Everything was beyond incredible … I bawled through the whole thing.

eddie redmayne golden globes









Most Awkward (Yet awesome at the same time because we were all thinking it) Jeremy Renner’s crack about Jennifer Lopez’s boobs.


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