The Easiest Way To Set Obtainable Goals!

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2015! A New Year! A New You! New Dreams! New Opportunities! A New Focus!

There is something about a fresh start that feels so good. It ‘s going to be an amazing year! Why? No real reason, no real plans yet but the juices in my body are giving off positive energy and it feels awe – inspiring.

To start the year off right I am a firm believer in writing down your goals, reflecting on your past accomplishments in 2014 (it is always important to celebrate) and figuring out what you want to accomplish this year. Now setting goals should not be a stressful thing; don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Set goals that inspire you, will bring you happiness, keep you focused, and help you grow as a person … most importantly make sure they are obtainable.

My dad taught me an easy way to set goals to live a healthy balanced life. It’s called the 6 F’s!

Focus (self)

In each of these categories you set goals. Dad always encouraged me to write them down in a book that I would keep on my desk so I could read them on a regular basis. He said, “ If you write them, believe in them, read them over and over and work towards them … they will come true!”



On January 1st my amazing boyfriend surprised me with a skydiving trip for our 1 year anniversary (I know, isn’t be adorable). As I was falling from 13,000 feet I had an epiphany. 1. I wasn’t going to die. 2. We live in a beautiful world. 3. Each one of us have the opportunity to live the life you want! Whatever it is, think about it, visualize and commit to yourself that you are going to work towards it. If you want it hard enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen. 4. My boyfriend is a keeper! That same day I wrote down my 6F goals and I can’t wait to achieve them!

Have fun creating your goals. I am not going to share ALL of my goals with you because some are personal but here’s a few…
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• Be myself!Don’t worry what others think!Be Fearless. Be Patient. Enjoy the Journey.
Be Real – Make mistakes and learn from them. Be thankful. Read more. Appreciate every square inch of myself. Be in the “know”.















• Visit my bro for his birthday & playoffs
• Help mom finish and make a kick ass documentary about Dad
• Family trip in June
• Call grandparents more often


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• Remember who your true friends are and keep in touch with them
• Laugh with them!
• Get friends more involved with DressJess
• Plan trips throughout the year: Big Bear Trip, Cruise, Stagecoach


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• Live a Healthy Active Lifestyle
• Do something active 6 days a week – try for 7 even if it’s a walk
• Do something fun outside everyday! Enjoy the beautiful life you live in!
• Bike instead of drive
• Try new workouts
• Get better at snowboarding
• Scuba Diving trip
• Learn to surf
• Play more tennis
• Do more yoga & pilates – Find my Zen
• Hike more


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• Get more involved with Dad’s documentary – his story will make a difference
• Use DressJessXO to inspire women to be confident in the skin there in.
• Church every Wednesday
• Homes of Hope


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Setting goals is fun. If you’d like to share, feel free in the comments (I love when you comment!). Also, don’t forget to support each other in the comments too. It can really make all the difference to someone’s day.


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