I Love My OneZip Onesie!


Baggy, snuggly and an instant outfit that will make you want to jump around, play and have fun! Everyone should own a OneZip onesie … they only benefit your life in every way.



After all, whether you’re feeling lazy, feeling fat, or quite simply wanting to embrace the fact that you’re staying in on a Friday night with a bottle of wine, what could be better than dressing up as a giant Sully, the beloved blue monster from the movie Monster’s Inc?



OneZips make your life that much easier. There’s never a getting dressed dilemma as it’s your whole outfit in one … zip it on and you are ready to go!



Wearing your OneZip the morning after a big night out makes a hangover feel positively regal. After a great day on the mountain boarding, nothing is more comforting than coz’ing up in your onesie in front of the fireplace. And snuggling with your pup enjoying the fabulous holiday season is just way more satisfying in your OneZip.




So, the question remains: where can you get your hands on stand-out onesies? Look no further … OneZip has your covered!

The quality is amazing, the comfort is overwhelming, and the vibrant colors make their onesies easily worth their $95.00 price tag. Oh and don’t even get me started about their hoods. A hood is always useful; to protect your hair when it’s raining, to keep you warm in the cold, or to hide your face when you see a cute boy and you haven’t got any make up on … hoods up!

OneZips are the definition of feel-good-fun-fashion … that is why I love my OneZip.

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    Love onesie are awesome and comfy

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