3 Reasons Why We All Need “ME” Time! – Movember Health Tip #5

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Good Morning my loves,

Happy Saturday! It was my dad who taught me how important and valuable “Me” time is for you. I was someone who would never sit still, never take a break, and never just chill with myself. I mean, even when I was watching TV I was texting, on my computer doing god knows what. Once my dad got sick, our lives slowed down, our world got smaller, and I learned the importance of living in the now and staying in-tune with yourself. I encourage you to take 15 minutes every day and just relax alone in silence and get in peace with yourself.
















Here are three ways “Me Time” will better your life.

  1. Re-Evaluate Life- “Me” time helps you put your priorities back in order. We can get very lost in our busy multitasking life. Especially if you work in the entertainment industry like myself, it is easy to get caught up in the social media world. When you take time to really look at your life and recognize  the beauty around you, you realize that love, happiness, and health are all that matter. Yes working hard and being successful is important,  but make sure to enjoy the journey and don’t let stress take over your body and mind.
  1. Recharge (Relax/Breathe)– If you are someone like me who has a very hard time sitting still and forgetting about your to-do list, then this “alone time” is even more crucial for you. If you give yourself 15 minutes to just meditate, paint your nails, read a book, or simply just relax, you will be surprised how recharged you feel afterwards. You will work that much hard when its time to focus. Unwind and recharge.
  1. Bring the Real “You” back! Take this “Me” time to overcome your anxiety. Make sure you are treating your loved ones as they should be treated (we are all guilty for taking out stress and fustration out on our loved ones). Remind yourself of the important phrase in life, “Thank you, How can I help?” If you haven’t talked to someone you love in a long time this is time to call them up and ask how they are doing. Go for a walk, get some fresh air, and recognize the beautiful world we live in.

“Me” time is the best time and the best thing for you. Now go enjoy your 15 minutes!

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