3 Ways To Look Like Hollywoods Best Dressed

It always amazes me what qualifies someone as best dressed. Yes their dress needs to be stylish and well-balanced but what I noticed from being up close in person on the red carpet is that all the women mentioned as “Best Dressed” from the Emmy’s all shared these three important qualities.

  1. Their dress fit.I don’t just mean the size (which is still really important) but it accentuated their positive features.  Nothing is more distracting than someone constantly adjusting and fixing their  outfit. No matter how gorgeous the dress is, it will seem as if they are not confident and insecure about what they are wearing.
  2. They walk with their shoulders back and flaunt a huge smile. If you feel gorgeous and radiant in your dress it’s going to show.
  3. Their dress complements their personality.It is extremely important to be yourself on the red carpet by finding  a dress that  shows who you are. Don’t be persuaded to wear something just because it’s a la mode. Make your own style and wear something you truly love. Remember, fashion fades, but style is forever!

Just as I always say, when you look good you feel good and that is 10 times more important on the red carpet.


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  • Great video! Isn’t the Emmys the best?! It was always my favorite awards show to cover.

    I love that William H. Macy complimented you!! You DID look amazing 🙂 xoxo

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