Rid Your Dark Circles With A Miracle Worker Eye Concealer

I’m sure you have all heard of Alexis Vogel, but if you haven’t, she is one of the best celebrity makeup artists in the world. She is the woman behind Pamela Anderson’s iconic look, Anna Nicole Smith’s beautiful red lips, and Carmen Electra’s Smokey eyes (just to name a few).

You know those dark circles we all have in the morning? Well, I was lucky enough to try out her “Delete Delete” Under Eye Concealer kit, and it has literally transformed my eyes! I no longer look like I was out until the wee hours of the night and that I only got a few hours of sleep (which we are all guilty of)… thanks to this miracle worker!


The kit was extremely easy to follow with her provided step-by-step card… Seriously there’s only 3 steps!




1) I started with her “Fill’er Up Eye Primer” and put it all under my eyes by tapping it with my index finger. I let this sit for a few seconds.



2) Using the concealer brush, I gently applied the cream portion of the concealer (there were 2 portions in the compact. This was the gelly side). I started in the corner of my eyes and worked my way out.




3) Lastly, I used the puff provided in the compact to gently pat the powder to set the concealer. It is important to apply the powder immediately after the cream portion to prevent your under eye to crease.





I can’t believe how easy it was. It has transformed my face hiding my dark circles and made me feel less guilty for being out so late last night. I now look well rested and ready for the day (Thank you, Alexis!)


If you want to get your own “Delete Delete” Kit or check out the rest of her awesome makeup, which I can’t wait to try, visit www.alexisvogelbeauty.com

I was also lucky enough to receive her book, “Celebrity Makeup: Professional Secrets & Techniques” which shows step-by-step instructions and pictures on how to do all makeup for every occasion. I can’t wait to get her Make Me Over Kit and try it all!

Photo Credit: Chase Carnahan


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