Say Something Before It’s Too Late


How many of you have or had a father?

Great, you all get that there is nothing quite like DAD! Think of your dad…how much does he mean to you?

When was the last time you told him while staring is his eyes how much you love him? When was the last time you wrote him a hand written letter (not an email or facebook message) telling him how much you appreciate his unconditional love. Say something…stop waiting for the right moment. Say it NOW because you can! Leave no words unspoken before it is too late.



Just imagine laying next to the first man you ever loved, the person who means the world to you, your one and only daddy,  just minutes after he took his last breath. You want to know that he died knowing how much his little girl adored him, looked up to him, and loved him. When I was laying next to my father on his deathbed he looked at peace for the first time in 6 months. By the look on his face I knew my dad knew how much his little girl loved him.

When my father was in the hospital undergoing some serious surgeries I wrote him a letter and read it to him out loud. It wasn’t a good bye letter because I knew my it wasn’t his time yet, it was a letter describing my relationship with my father. He kept that letter next to his bed until his very last day. He would tell me, that every time he read it, he immediately felt better. It’s amazing what one letter can do.

Love makes all the difference and a letter is filled with words that will  last forever. I encourage you to take a few moments and write to your loved ones and leave no words unspoken.



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