6 Ways to Start Your Year With a BANG!

Even though all the holiday parties are over, no more gift exchanges, no more pretending to be nice for Santa…January is still a fun exciting month. Whoever said January is a Debby downer month after all the holiday excitement, is about to be proven wrong! 
After the heady holiday high that comes from glitter-infused parties and inhaling nothing but cheese and sugar for four weeks straight, this month can be your fresh new start! Here are six ways to guarantee that you will start 2014 with a bang of fun!  This is your opportunity to focus on health, friends, and yourself and here is how…

  1. Find awesome excuses to celebrate with your friends. Like Happy Channing Tatum Day when you get together, drool, and watch Magic Mike.  

  2. 2. Try a hot new workout like Pole Dance Workout, Boxing, or Cardio Dance Workout. You can learn a few tricks on the pole for your man and some hot moves for the club while you are working out.
    3. Spice up Your Closet with new “out there” trends
    4. Try new restaurants and new types of food. Expand your food palate.5. Get out of here – Go on a vacation, travel to visit some friends you haven’t seen in a while, or explore a new place even if it’s in the same city. Enjoy the adventure.

6. Take on a new hobby like tennis, painting, or guitar.

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