Chill Date Night

Happy On Trend Tuesday! 

After a long day at work I am heading over to a friends house to relax and unwind.

A few things that are crucial when hanging out with any boy you are interested in are:

Be Comfortable 
Show your personality and Be Yourself!
AND Always play your “Confidence Soundtrack” while getting ready (gets you in the mood) 
     No joke, I have a playlist on my computer called “Confidence Dressing.” It is what I play when I am kind of tired and could easily stay in and need to amp myself up. I always play the most girly, sexy songs and immediately I feel extra sassy when I walk out the door. 
Have your date pick you up! (no drinking and driving ladies) 
Tonight I went with:

  • Striped Worn Out Jeans from Free People $68 
  • Purple Open Back $20 from Lush 
  • A scarf. It is starting to getting a chilly out and I didn’t want to wear a jacket because I wanted to show off my open back 
  • Grey Booties from Urban Outfitters $42 

What do you think?

Question: When you go over to guys house should you bring beer, wine (red or white) or both?

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