Taco Tuesday! Think Pink

August 6

After a long day of editing (ewwww) catching up with my girls, tacos, coronas, and boys were on my mind. Emmy, my roommate and long time friend from high school brought home the cutest and best gift ever. Mini Coronas, which are called Coronitas. They were so cute and I was happy because clearly her mind was on the same things as mine. 🙂

We cheered our adorable small beers, cranked on the girly tunes (N’Sync and country mix) and started to get ready.

I was feeling pink so I went with:
 Hot Pink Jeans from Rag & Bone ($87)
Off the Shoulder shirt from Jean Co.  ($48)
Nude Wedges (Super old – my going out wedges because they are comfy and I don’t care if they get destroyed)
Bun (AKA dirty hair)

Emmy and I had a great night. We met up with some friends, switched to the big girl Coronas, and met some interesting, fine gentlemen. They were actually the Managers of the bar…oh La La. I also got casted by a casting director to be on Million Dollar Matchmaker. Has anyone seen that show?

When do you think the cut off date is to wearing bright jeans?


  • Reply August 8, 2013


    You look so cute, Jess!! Yes, I’ve seen Million Dollar Matchmaker… it’s pretty hilarious… reality tv show where millionaires are matched up with girls who come in wanting to date a millionaire. The girls come in the room and the Millionaire Matchmaker judges them along with her team to see if they’d be a good fit for the particular matchmaker…..

    • Reply August 12, 2013


      Thanks Angelia for the comment. Do you think it is an interesting show? Reality shows scare me because they always turn everything around. I would hate to be portrayed as someone I am not, you know? I might go audience for the experience. It can never hurt.

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