Summer Style A-Z: Dip Die Denim

I am beyond ecstatic about today’s Summer Style Dip-Dyed Denim because you can DO IT YOURSELF! 

Not only is this look a wonderful addition to your summer wardrobe, but it is super easy to do too! The look is incredibly cool and exudes a laidback, beachy vibe that’s hard to resist. Dip Die Cutoffs are perfect for an afternoon barbecues or music festivals.

Here are the need-to-know steps. The final product is too cute for words, so be sure to read on for details! 

-Levi’s 501 Worn Roll Shorts ($49.50)
-Home Depot 2.75 Gallon Neat ‘n Tidy Bucket ($5)
-Clorox Bleach ($5)
-Westcott 12″ Wood Ruler ($.99)
-Firm Grip Disposable Nitrile Gloves ($15/box)
-Heinz Distilled White Vinegar ($3/gallon)


Before you begin: make sure to wear plastic gloves before you begin working to protect your hands.

1.             To create bleach solution, mix two parts water and one part bleach in a plastic bucket.

2.             Prepare your shorts by threading a ruler though all of the belt loops. The ruler will serve as a weight to balance the shorts while they are soaking in the bleach solution.

3.             Dip the shorts into the liquid to the desired depth. Rest the ruler on the top of the bucket to allow the shorts to hang in the bleach solution without being completely covered. Leave the shorts soaking for approx 30 minutes. (Note: the bleach will run slightly, so we recommend leaving an additional inch out of the solution.)

4.             After the bleach has turned the shorts the desired white shade (may take a few dips), remove shorts from bleach solution and soak in a sink or bathtub with two parts water and one part vinegar for approximately five to ten minutes to stop the bleaching process.

5.             Let the shorts dry out completely, and then cut them to your desired length. Gently pull along the edges of the shorts to create a more distressed and ragged look.

Have fun and post a picture of your new stylin’ shorts! 

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