Summer Styles: A-Z Armcandy

Today for our Summer Styles A-Z guide it is letter

Arm Candy 
This summer is all about the “Arm Swag.” But if you just throw a bunch of bangles and bracelets on your wrists and expect them to look chic, you might find yourself a bit mismatched and overdone. Believe it or not there is an art  to arm candy, and I want to share it with you. 
1. If your outfit is colorful, accent your wrist with coordinating or complementary colors. Go for brights and pastels and intermix a few textures. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors that aren’t in your clothing either. As long as they are similar in shade or tone, your swag will be safe!

2. If you decided on more neutral tones and simplicity, make your accessories bold. Layer gold and silver accents in thin and thick sizes. Spikes, leather wraps, and watches will also take a simple outfit to a whole new level.


3. Yes you can have too much arm candy. In my opinion some people go a little cray-cray with the bracelets but that is all up to you. I normally wear no more than 10. 

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