About Me!

What do we do when we first wake up? We dress up! It is the best part of the day!I am DressJess and this blog is about sharing my passion for fashion.

My goal is to empower you to discover your true beauty, build self-esteem, and show off your personality all by having fun with fashion. The best accessory anyone can wear is a smile and it all starts by being confident with your look.

Here is are some reasons why you should read my blog…

 I am a young, spunky, girly girl always ready to dress up and have fun!

 I Live to Give!
My favorite annual vacation is traveling to Mexico to build homes for homeless families.
Every girl deserves a pair of pink shoes and every boy deserves a baseball cap, but most importantly a roof over their heads.

Love Boutiques- Brand names aren’t needed to look fabulous. 

I Value my Five F’s:

Who loves to: laugh travel work out and play dress up

 I have a pet snake

Ok I lied this once, but I am a dog lover.

Yes! I own a chicken hat that I wear on Thanksgiving.

I take way too many pictures.

I have a YesJess bobble head doll.

Born on Halloween. Born to dress up.

Who’s Jessica Carroll?

She’s a Life Love * an Adrenaline Rush Junkie * a Fashion Fanatic * the Fun Finder 

But above all 
She’s Dress Jess 

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